Service Is Our Passion

We have more than 8 years of experience owning and operating QSR franchises. We started this business because we were tired of working in restaurants that didn’t understand service. We wanted to make a difference. Through our extensive experience running restaurants, we can improve your day-to-day operations, human resources, bookkeeping, point of sale technology, and give you expert advice from our network of industry experts. Let us help you simplify and grow your QSR franchise.

Who We Are

We are restaurateurs with more than 14 years of industry experience with operations, human resources, technology and growth. We have run multi-unit concepts that have grossed $9 million in annual revenue.

What We Do

We alleviate your biggest pain points of running a QSR franchise: operations, HR, and bookkeeping. We offer service packages unique to your business as well as personalized consulting.

Why Work With Us

Save time and learn from our successes and mistakes. We have reduced overhead costs in our own restaurants by leveraging technology, industry experts, and insurance and payroll negotiations.

What We Can Do For You

Day-to-Day Operations

Talent Acquisition

Employee Retention


Technology Implementation


Business Services


Human Resources 



QSR Legal Advice 


Customer Service 

Top-Line Growth Strategy

Bottom-Line Expense Optimization



"Lucas is dedicated to his teams success by leading them with a hands-on approach in an environment that is positive and focused on training with individual growth. He has proven to excel in all aspects of the restaurant business. From managing P & L’s, hiring, training and running overall healthy operations. I have been in this business for almost 30 years and Lucas is by far one of the top leaders I have worked with."

- Lisa Tanasi (Chief Operating Officer, RMR5 Nevada LLC)

Exceptional Training

Operating and owning a QSR franchise is all about enabling managers with autonomy and empowering them with education. We’re hands on and we’ll spend time in your restaurants to give your team the best training.

Manager training employee

The Right People

Restaurant Manager

Identifying the right people to manage your business is crucial to your success. We train leaders who motivate their teams to grow sales and improve customer service. We have reduced customer complaints by 50% in our current restaurants. We'll show you how you can, too.

Minimize Costs and Maximize Technology

We know how to increase top-line revenue, decrease labor costs, and improve the bottom line. We’ve decreased overhead costs by $100,000+ a year in our current ventures by leveraging technology to assist in areas of operations where it would cost more to outsource.

"When we took over our Five Guys territory, Lucas had been doing a solid job keeping things together with virtually no budget for training or maintenance. Lucas has a great way of connecting with his team. They clearly understand their goals. Once he had the funds to properly run the territory, the performance really took off"

- Ed Pizzarello (Director, RMR Capital)

We Make Great Partners

As committed as we are to customer service, we’re as equally committed to being honest and transparent. We’ll help you grow your business. Because when you grow, we grow. We’re eager to share our knowledge with you to help mitigate costly mistakes. Ask us anything.

Contact us

Find out how we can help you grow your business.

Our Leadership

Image of Lucas Mitchell

Lucas Mitchell - Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

In Lucas' 14 years of restaurant experience, he has managed teams of more than 170 employees, operated multi-unit concepts grossing over $9 million per year in revenue, and has grown customer satisfaction and revenue while at the same time decreasing expenses. Lucas is a proven leader with an eye for detail, and an unwavering work ethic.

Image of Lucas Mitchell

Keith Bubb - Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Keith Bubb has more than 30 years of business experience in various industries. He has a proven track record of implementing systems that help startups and established companies grow customers and revenue. He has extensive experience managing large teams and budgets exceeding $40 million.

Image of Lucas Mitchell

Courtney Mitchell - Support Services Manager

Courtney has more than 5 years’ experience in hospitality operations at an administrator capacity. She spent three of those years as an industry auditor. She has a Bachelors of Science from NAU in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her creativity paired with her tireless work ethic make her a formidable force in the QSR industry.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

We’re realists but we hold ourselves to lofty standards. By under promising and over delivering, we set appropriate expectations for ourselves and to give you the deliverables you’re looking for.

"It’s been my pleasure knowing and working with Lucas. He is a man of outstanding character and determination. He is a good leader, working to train and encourage his team. His understanding of the numbers is comprehensive and impressive for a young entrepreneur. Lucas’ success is borne of a superior work ethic and an innate ability to envision a plan and bring the plan to fruition. I have no doubt his successes will be long lived."

- Robert Burke (District Manager, Five Guys)

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